Saturday, January 26, 2013

Which would you choose?

Good morning and breaking news.....we finally got snow! Granted not much but enough to coat the ground and make everything look just a little more beautiful. Went out and snapped a few pics before its a thing of the past (and with the sun starting to show its pretty face, that will be sooner than later)! So went out in my robe and snow boots and snapped a few pics which I had to share before I begin my post......

 Mr. Teddy having a lazy morning.......hey its Saturday afterall and you know he has had a long work week:)

And then he finally decided to mosey on outside....and he perched himself like the Queen King of Sheeba.....

OK, getting back to my post's the scenario, you are invited to a really swanky cocktail party.  Truth is, that is the case with us.....we are invited to a really nice party in a few weeks and I am in a bit of a panic over what to wear. Think I am going to play it safe with a beautiful black lace dresss I have and I will dress it up with some pretty jewelry.

Getting back to this fantasy soiree.....Lets pretend in this case, the weather is not the icebox we are in right now, but lets say its spring-y weather...beautiful, mild weather.
You want something that best reflects your personal style....whatever that might be. Colors? Up to you. You want to make an impression and best part about this wonderful that the bodies shown are included! Wouldn't that be nice? So give no worry to arm issues, waist being too enhanced, a dress being short (because don't forget you have the perfect legs)!! Yep you get the perfect body along with the dress, sound fair? Thought you might agree! So go ahead....tell me which one gets your vote!

Esteban Cortezar
Bottega Venetta
Notte by Marchesa

Notte by Marchesa

Oscar de la Renta
Roland Mouret

Herve Leger






Lela Rose

Tory Burch

Now to make it really fun....tell me once you have chosen your dress, how will you style it? Exactly as shown? Or will you add or take something away? How about shoes? Jewelry? Bag? Come on, we all know its in the details, give me the low down! What do you see? Inquiring minds want to know! So now its your turn to talk......wishing you a wonderful Saturday and weekend!



  1. Your yard looks so elegant with the snow dusting. I love how the boxwood really creates a mood, don't you? Teddy is adorable as always. I like the Valentino ensemble...choice 11. The model has it right with big earings, I would add a cuff or two instead of bangles. Have a nice Saturday Tina, and have fun at the party.

  2. I really love #14! One shoulder dresses have always been a favorite of mine and this one only needs gold heels and small gold clutch with diamond earrings. Don't forget a French mani and pedi and a spritz of flowerbomb perfume and you're good to go! Love your snow covered patio! A true winter wonderland! XO have a great weekend!

  3. I love when Teddy makes an appearance on the blog! Your yard looks gorgeous. Nothing better than the quiet stillness of a fresh snowfall.

    I love dress #7 Roland Mouret. I'd pair it with nude pumps and bright sparkly turquoise earrings.

  4. Tina how fun to see Teddy, he is indeed the king of his castle! Your home looks spectacular in the snow.

    These dresses are amazing. As hard as it is to choose, I have it down to a tie between two- 6 and 13, both so feminine and elegant. If forced I would go for 6, and love the red shoe but could also see a nude shoe and a beautiful clutch. A simple pair of earrings and it would be perfect!
    Have a good weekend!

  5. Oh, number eight is the one for me! AND YOU LUCKY PEOPLE...snow? We have not had any since before Christmas! King Teddy looks pleased as punch! HAPPY DAY TINA! And your entrance is stunning. Anita

  6. 14 for me, love the style of that dress, not much of a red wearer though. I'd definitely go metallic strappy heels and some diamond dangling earrings.

  7. Number 6! Head to toe, Oscar always gets it right. Tara

  8. Number 1, 7 or 15...but if FORCED if would be number 7...gorgeous like a painting...

  9. Hey Tina, we got a lot of snow about 6". The kids are happy. Your yard looks so beautiful and Teddy looks like he was expecting it all along:-)

    These dresses are so gorgeous, I do love 16 for a little sparkle and if given these bodies, #1 is divine!

  10. looks beautiful there and Teddy has the right idea! It looks like a PJ day and baking day. I always like to bake on cold, cold days...OK, for the dresses... Its between 11 and 16....#11 just as is....simple, but elegant. #16 I would add maybe a strand of long pearls.

  11. Love lace so 4 5 or 9!

    The yard looks line a dream

  12. The Lela Rose, hands down, it is so unusual. Daughter getting married next month and already have outfits but would love to see a "which would you choose Mother of the Bride" outfit! Have a great day.

  13. Hi Tina, your boxwood & urns look so pretty in snow. We've had a dusting in CT and my parterre looks like a sculpture garden this morning.
    Now, for our 'fantasy soiree:, my choice would be the lovely green Valentino - No. 13...with black satin clutch and sling back pumps to welcome spring.
    Have a wonderful weekend! Gay

  14. I was going to say 11, until I saw 16 - amazing! And how could your house be any prettier? With SNOW! Just gorgeous!

  15. Adore 11 and 14; The Valentino and Preen. Both striking and need only simple elegant earrings and bracelet. I see slingback low heeled pumps for both!
    Great Tina, images are wonderful. I love to see the dusting of snow!

    New 2013 Artists Series

  16. Your dog bed is so cute, where did you get it?

  17. A dusting of snow makes everything so much prettier, doesn't it? We got some snow upstate overnight, which should make for a fun day of skiing at Windham...As for dress choice, hmmm Valentino for me.

    Your entrance is gorgeous Tina...I have "front door envy"

    Emily @

  18. Hi Tina - I do not think you would get so excited about snow if you lived in Ontario where we have three feet of it and driving through white-outs. But the skiers love it. Anyway if I could have a choice of any of those beautiful gowns it would be either 10 ot 14 and would like a long fur coat to go with it plus boots up to my knees and then beautiful shoes to put on after. Have a wonderful day. Betty from Ontario

  19. #7 for me .. even through the thought of showing all that skin (I would need a spray tan or something because I am so pale at this time of year!)

    So glad you received a dusting of snow Tina. Enjoy your weekend!

  20. Hello Tina,
    Beautiful pictures of the snow and your sweet looking dog Mr. Teddy. Our snow here in England has all melted today, but the upside is that we have had gorgeous rare sunshine all day!
    A stunning choice of dresses. My favourites are no.4 Notte my Marchesa (without the peplum perhaps?), no.9 Erdem or no.11 Valentino - the latter probably my favourite. A simple classic pair of diamond or pearl earrings is what I favour. Hope you enjoy choosing the right dress for your party in a few weeks!


  21. No. 7! With chandeliers, hair worn up, heels in the multi-colors in the dress. Handbag in red with lots of gold trim. Love it!!

  22. #1 is so interesting, love the color but would change the shoes to a nude shoe with a nude clutch. Simple earrings, maybe diamond hoops, the dress is the focal point here.

    A close second would be #3,as long as I get her legs since its short! I love nude, its one of the colors I wear best.

    Last your home in the snow is an incredible sight and its so wonderful seeing Teddy too.

  23. #4 and #6. I also like the last one as well. So hard to choose. I would do simple shoes and simple jewerly..... to let the dresses shine.

  24. I am in love with #4 and # 13. All are gorgeous but most are unwearable at my stage in life. Love your blog. The grounds are really on their way to super gorgeousness. By spring with the greenery and sunshine all will be fabulous! You really have had an amazing master plan. How lucky you are to follow it through to the finish. Keep up the great work. Hello to Teddy from Rusty Sheltie.

  25. Your mansion looks stunning with the's just the right quatity for the beautiful images! I love the fashion too..all of them!

  26. Mr. Teddy is adorable! Love the snowy photos....even in the snow your home is so warm and inviting. If I were going to the fancy cocktail party I would choose between 11 or 14.

  27. 14
    6 a little too young though
    1 if it was in black

    I can no longer just pick one

    I love the front door . Maybe give us tips on the fig ivy going up the walls . I have that too, but mine doesnt look has good and I have had it much longer

    I think the gardeners keep cutting it, thinking it is a weed ...I am never home when they are here ...I know that needs to change but i am working in a different city ... oh well

    but I love yours

  28. Starting from the ground up...I'd like the metal ankle cuff heels in #1 to pair with the Roland Mouret dress in #7. I'll keep the gold cuff on my left wrist and carry a Michael Kors Tonne clutch in white & gold in my right hand. "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication".

    OK, back to reality! Have you found the perfect bathrobe yet Tina? Considering it's the most important item in my wardrobe, I'd say inquiring minds want to know.

  29. Hello, I'm italian and naturally I say: Valentino n.11. Italian fashion is the must!
    Have a good party, Tina!

  30. Hi TIna!

    This is my kind of snow fall!! Light...just enough to give everything a beautiful coating but not so much that it's going to turn into a big slush fest!

    Oh my...these dresses. I would love to see them all hanging in my closet...but for my body type and coloring, I think #14 hands down!

    Stay warm and enjoy the snowfall!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  31. The snow does look so beautiful on the terrace! Great photos. And #9 is a knockout.

  32. In fantasy land where I could look great in a sleeveless dress, I would choose #14! Love them all!

  33. Despite being given my dream perfect arms, I still love choices #4 and #9. They are both so elegant.
    They both beg for chandelier earrings. I have a perfect pair of tear drop rubies surrounded by diamonds that I received for my anniversary so I would go for #4 to show them off. No other bling needed. I would wear some elegant, not too high (as cocktails involves lots of standing) shoes in gold or silver and match it with a clutch in same colour. For #9 I would use pewter shoes and clutch and go with chandelier earrings that might have a grey pearl centre surrounded with diamonds. A glam cocktail ring might just creep onto my finger but as Coco suggests, 'take one thing off before leaving the house', so the ring might end up being edited off!
    Love the snowy pictures, we have had a scorching summer and bushfire are burning our favourite skiing mountain at the moment. I long for cold and rain and an end to summer. A quick trip to ski in Utah is coming up at the end of Feb and I can't wait.

  34. 9,10,15 I like the most. Keep them as they are.
    Love the snow coat and the round, low, green bushes!

  35. Your house looks magazine worthy; gorgeous!
    Well my fav dresses would be No.1 and No.14. I would style both with jewelry pieces from my own boutique (is that cheating ;-)
    Happy weekend in the snow from London x

  36. 1 with gold strappy sandals.
    6 just as is.
    10 with more gold, love that color.
    11 is perfect just needs my black Chanel classic flap bag to go with it!

    So many lovely choices. Teddy is the cutest, what a lucky dog he is! And the yard/property, no words!

  37. I'd go with dress number 1 and I'd wear it with a Tiffany bone cuff in titanium and antique diamond chandelier earrings set in tarnished silver.

    Beautiful layer of snow you've got. I live on the coast in No. CA and we haven't been dusted with snow since 1975, talk about a long wait for snow!

  38. Without doubt, Number 1. I love the feminine1920s flapper look. I would wear it with my diamond drop earrings and a wide gold cuff studded with diamonds to tie in with the gold-cuff look of the shoes. A bejeweled Judith Lieber purse wouldn't hurt.

  39. Tina, Love seeing your house in the snow! I do love that dusting while it's fresh and clean.. hopefully the sun will be out and melt it away before it gets too dirty. We have black snow and brown grass here in Omaha.. yucky! I'm longing for FL!
    I like number 3 dress. Bottega Venetta is my all-time classic..

  40. Hi! My choice was between 14 & 5. If it was around Valentine's Day, definitely the Red 14. If not, the black & white no. 5 is my favorite.


  41. Hi Tina,

    Love the fantasy scenario. I would choose Choice 11, the Valentino. It is flattering, beautiful fabrics are used and it looks, well, very expensive!

    Love your blog. I am another blue and white china afficianado! I would buy some of the beautiful things off your site but I think shipping to Australia is super expensive from the US.

    xox Sandy

  42. 11 then 7 and 5. I would love anyone though. So pretty!

  43. I will always support the decision to wear a black, lace dress (actually just did a post on that very topic on Friday)! What a fun "which would you choose?"...No. 14 all the way...

  44. If we really get to have the body that goes with the dress then it's the last one for me! Love the Tory dress! Would be happy to wear it anywhere with some cute cream or nude sandals! LOVE! Wish I really was going to something fun like this! Have a wonderful Sunday, Tina!

  45. Love several of these but 1 is my favorite, love the modern day flapper feel, the color, the soft fluid fabric. I would swap out the shoes and go with a more delicate shoe in a nude color. A great pair of over sized chandelier earrings, a small bag and i would be all upset.

    Love seeing Teddy taking surveillance of his domain. And what a incredible one it is!

  46. You have a great taste and your front door is just beyond perfect beauty! Dresses ... No 1 is my 1920's craving and would love that dress but equally stunning to me is no 6 by Oscar DLR !! And no15 next!! Hugs z

  47. Number 9 gets my vote! Since the dress has a busy pattern best to keep it just the way it is with simple earrings.

    Tina have I told you I love your patio? Made even better by the light dusting. Teddy looks quite comfortable taking in the view.


  48. choice 8, please. and i'll wear a vintage gold necklace and cuff.

    as far as beauty products (for some reason can't leave a comment on your newer post), too many to list and have been meaning to blog about this topic because it's always fun to see how everyone else gets a flawless finish!

    love to you.


  49. Valentino or Oscar de la Renta. I'd pair both with Valentino's studded heels and a Tiffany's tennis bracelet. If I am forced, even though I love the Marchessa and the Oscar, I have to be loyal to Valentino. Valentino is such a gentleman and his team's creations are timeless.

  50. Number 6 0r 15!! I do not know how I missed this post but these are some beautiful dresses. I am so excited that you had snow!!! It looks beautiful!

  51. omg.......7 no question about it!! If I still had the figure for this one.....I would love to have it, gorgeous, you're so lucky to get to have the choice!! Love your blog.......spending way too much time here!!

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